Thank you to our Fin&Fun Committee!!

A huge thank you to our Financial and Fundraising Committee for 5&2!! This is a new committee for the 2018-19 school year and they are on fire for Jesus!! Their passion for fundraising truly has all of us in awe and wonder. They are doing an incredible job assisting us with raising the $65,000 goal we have set for this year. They’ve added a brand new fundraiser this year to the line-up and we can’t wait to participate. Join us tonight for our 1st ever Meat Raffle at the Sherman Firehall. The Meat Raffle joins our existing fundraising line-up of Golf Scramble, Charity Auction and Holiday Home Tour. Thank you, Fin&Fun!!!

Finance & Fundraising Committee:

Chairperson-Beth Collins

Andrew Bemis

Matt Chase

Cameron Collins

Sue Gabriel

Andrew Reinwald