March 2017

March was such an exciting month for 5 and 2 Ministry!! 

We are so thankful and blessed.  We can't wait to share with you what we have been up to! 

     The Clymer PTSO had a Movie night on March 10th and a food collection for us.  The kids had such a fun night and contributed to a Ministry in their Community.  How awesome is that?!!  We are still so amazed at how much was collected!!  Thank you Clymer PTSO!! 

     Sarah King at Corry First also held a collection night on March 17th.  She organized the entire event and collected over 150 juice boxes from her H2O Friday Night Flood Youth Group!  They received a Shamrock Shake from Sarah and her H2O team in exchange for donating.  Jen Heiser and her son Tristan were able to attend, thank the youth and pray over the collection of juice boxes.  They were so grateful for the experience.  Thank you Sarah King and Corry First!!

     French Creek General Store volunteered to be a Collection Site and a Donation Bin is now in their store.  Thank you French Creek Store!!  We look forward to partnering with you!!

     Laurie Beckerink presented at Edwards Chapel United Methodist Church on Sunday March 19th.  The kind members of this church already had a collection started and took a Love Offering for 5 and 2!  How great is that?!!  There is now a collection bin in their church and they are a Donation Site.  We were greeted with a warm reception and it was so nice to share our story with our friends at Edwards Chapel.  Thank you!!!

     Also, the Sunday School Class at Clymer United Methodist Church had a Chocolate Sale to benefit 5 and 2 Ministry.  This was completely organized by the Adult Sunday School Class and we were absolutely amazed at what they were able to raise for us.  Thank you Ladies and Gentelemn!!!

     I just want to close by saying that our lives have been so blessed by all that is going on in this Community.  We will continue to keep our eyes on Him and to Him be ALL the glory and praise!  Thank you!!